Golf apparel has changed a lot since the sport was first played. During the early days of the game, it was not uncommon to see a man playing while wearing a skirt. Kilts are commonly accepted wear for Scotsmen who play golf and still are today. However, guys can’t wear kilts on golf courses anymore; at least most of them anyway, since a lot of them have very strict guidelines.

GolfIt may not seem much at first, but wearing the proper attire is a very important part of golf etiquette. Some of the most luxurious, exclusive, and private country clubs won’t allow a person to play on their course without being dressed in the right clothes. Getting the right golf apparel is no rocket science.

Below are a few basic tips that can help with getting the right clothes.

Tops for playing golf

Before choosing which clothes to buy, a person really needs to familiarize themselves with the protocols of dressing up in golf. There are a few general rules that people need to learn about if they aren’t already familiar with them.

Golf apparelWhen it comes to the top, most people already know about the polo shirt. Most adults already have these hanging around in their closet somewhere since most casual business settings use this kind of shirt. This is fine for those who are just about to try the game. Beginners aren’t chastised for wearing something like this.

Those who want to take the game more seriously and improve their performance will have to buy special clothes. These clothes were made for comfort and afford golfers with a great range of motion. Golf apparel might be expensive, but the improvements that it can give a player are well worth the asking price.

Bottoms for playing golf

More often than not, whether it’s a male or a female golfer, golfers will wear twill slacks since it’s the generally accepted and recommended wear on the green. New players who don’t want to spend any amount of cash can wear khaki pants if they already have a pair.

Denim pants are allowed on some courses, but are generally not recommended. Wearing denim is seen as a shibboleth that a person is a casual or novice golfer who has yet to take the game seriously. The reason behind this is that jeans can be quite tight. The restriction in motion is what makes jeans less than ideal for golf play.

Long pants that have cuffs are also discouraged by most golfers. The reason behind this is that the cuffs will usually catch a lot of dirt.

Golf BallShorts are generally accepted, especially in golf courses with a warm climate. The rule of thumb is that the shorts should be cut just slightly above the knee. A belt should also be worn regardless of whether the golfer is wearing a pair of pants or shorts.

Women are afforded the liberty to wear skirts. However, this does not mean that girls can wear any kind of skirt that they want. The etiquette on golf apparel dictates that the skirt can’t be too revealing.

Other accessories

Some people also like to add a few accessories to the outfit that they wear on the green. It’s generally recommended to look at accessories as some form of practical aid. Example, a player who wears a sun visor or sunglasses during a cloudy day would probably look ridiculous to other people.

Those who want to learn more about what golf accessories can help improve their game can simply look for more information on the internet or check out their nearest sporting goods store for some tips. Golf apparel and accessories may not be at the top of the golfer’s list of priorities, but it’s something that they can’t just simply take off the list.

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For so many decades now, the printed circuit board or PCB is one of the consistent foundations of electronic products. PCB fabrication is a complex method that consists of numerous electronic components mounted over a circuit to cause a certain gadget or device to operate. There are multiple stages in manufacturing a PCB, including placement of components, soldering, testing, and inspecting to check for errors.

PCBWhile in the past, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or electronic companies have their own in-house services for printed circuit board fabrication, it has now become more cost-effective and much simpler to outsource these services to reliable PCB companies. This is mostly due to the huge steps taken in developing surface mount technologies along with other mass production techniques. In this article, the PCB assembly specialists at share the reasons why electronic companies are recommended to find an assembly service partner for this challenging and crucial task.

Avoid High Investment Cost

First and foremost, you need an extremely high capital investment to carry out a printed circuit board assembly project. You need to buy a huge amount of expensive machineries and equipment. Electronic companies used to make their own PCBs, but it involved high costs of creating a production line, dealing with manpower, and expenses on training. However, when you outsource this task, your company can save these huge costs that you can eventually invest in the business operations, hiring personnel, managing inventories, maintenance of the facility, etc.

Take Advantage of the Expertise of a PCB Partner

When electronic businesses outsource PCB assembly services to a specialized company, they are taking advantage of the skills and expertise of this company. Companies that provide PCB services work on precise methods and have specialized labor and experts that handle their PCB projects. This makes it easier for them to make sure that all products are created to the highest precision and quality so that electronic companies will get the most benefits from this expertise. These assembly services adhere to the current standards of the PCB and electronics industry.

If you work with a partner for your PCB fabrication, you are not only taking advantage of their expertise, but you can also save costs. The kind of expertise they offer will be expensive if you choose to hire experts to work for you to manage the PCB operations.

Focus on Core Competencies

Printed circuit board fabrication is a huge portion of complex procedure of your entire electronic production, and if you outsource it to a third party company, you can focus on your core competencies. You can focus your creative ideas and effort in other areas like building your brand, managing your marketing network, promoting and strengthening your sales, and so on.


One of the biggest contributions of a PCB assembly service to an electronics company is that they have extensive experience in their field. They can meet the required services within a specific deadline. You cannot undervalue this benefit, especially if you are only starting up your electronic business.

Design Services

Design ServicesMany PCB manufacturers offer design services. This means you can have additional savings on costs, effort, time, and manpower. PCB fabricators like can offer you superb engineering solutions in order for you to have high-quality products at a low price.

Quality Assurance

An important aspect that these PCB service companies have is that they operate with strict quality assurance by running tests and inspection. Today, one of the primary goals of businesses is to ensure customer satisfaction. This is why manufacturers are determined to have quality finished products. Quality assurance is crucial to improving and surviving in the competitive electronics industry.

Technology is getting more and more compact every day that is why PCB manufacturers always comply with the latest advancements in PCB fabrication and adapt their designs to keep up with the always changing technologies. It will be expensive for you if you do this on your own, but PCB fabrication services like can help you with your needs.

Showcasing your brand has never been this easy and convenient. With simple products like custom ID lanyards, you can market your business, promote your products, advertise your events and raise awareness, all while providing comfort and security to your staff, visitors, customers or students. Whether used to hold badges, keys, cards or other small items, lanyards instantly become a significant part of your organization.

Badge HolderWe know how competitive the market is today and we’re here to help you get through the tough job of publicizing your brand in an easy, practical way. Consider lanyards. Aside from their many benefits, lanyards can also be fashionable accessories. With many available printing style and color options, you can make your lanyards look uniquely stylish. And if you look even deeper, you’ll find more reasons why lanyards are an effective and practical marketing tool.

Lanyards are highly visible

Whatever marketing tool you opt for, it needs to be noticeable to grab the attention of potential customers. And lanyards can definitely be seen easily. As a matter of fact, lanyards are actually one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Especially when you choose the right colors, your ID lanyards can turn more heads and make other people curious.

Lanyards can be worn frequently and go well with our daily activities. You can still wear your lanyards even outside the office and market your brand continuously and effortlessly. These are one of the main reasons why lanyards are effective in establishing and spreading company awareness.

Lanyards are inexpensive

LanyardsTo increase the visibility of your marketing tool, one thing you can do is to have all of your employees wear personalized lanyards. And since lanyards are inexpensive, you can do this with ease. You don’t always need to spend too much on costly marketing tools. The abundance of a simple one is usually more effective. So instead of spending your fortune on other promotional strategies, customize some lanyards and you’re sure to reap plenty of benefits out of them.

Lanyards can be used for security

With custom ID lanyards, you’ll be able to identify your employees and other people in your work area. Lanyards are comfortable to wear and do not cause damage to your garment like pins and clips often do. Everyone in your organization can wear lanyards comfortably and have their identification visible and scannable at all times.

Lanyards can be used as giveaways

Indeed, lanyards have many purposes. If you want your clients to remember you, you can give them complimentary items such as custom lanyards. Since lanyards are affordable, you will be able to get hold of them easily and it will not take a lot to give some away. This is another way to boost brand awareness. By giving away customized lanyards to your current clients, you’re also giving them a constant reminder about your company and the great deals you offer. If designed beautifully, custom lanyards can give way to the possibility that your products and services will be known and sought by people who have never tried them. That’s more customers for you!

Lanyards are easy to buy

ID LanyardsOrdering custom lanyards is fairly easy and does not require any special skills or knowledge. You simply have to provide the required information, submit your lanyard design, choose the lanyard style you want, specify the amount and other relevant information, and choose from the many payment methods available upon checkout. Lanyard companies follow strict privacy policy so you can guarantee all your confidential information is safe during the entire transaction. Once the company receives your request, they will contact you to confirm all the details and make design revisions if necessary. As soon as you approve everything, the company will start production and deliver to you your custom ID lanyards as soon as production is complete.

Lanyards are highly customizable

You are not limited to simple designs and boring colors. Most lanyard companies now use high-end printing methods in making their lanyards so you can choose from many printing styles, vibrant colors, attachments and printing materials. You can include the name, logo and slogan of your company to the design so long as they all fit. Depending on the intricacy of your design and the purpose of the lanyards, companies are likely to suggest which style and options are best for you. These people are experienced individuals so you can take their advice with no hesitation.

These are only some of the reasons why custom lanyards are widely recognized as an effective marketing strategy. If you want to take advantage of great lanyard deals today, give us a call and we’ll be happy to deliver high quality ID lanyards for your entire organization.

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Collecting challenge coins can be an expensive hobby. There are different ways to get that most wanted challenge coin but surely it is not that easy. You may earn it, win it or buy it.

To be able to know the worth of your precious challenge coin, you must also know the materials used and how it was made. There are four different types of coins based on how it is made. These are hard enamel, soft enamel, die struck with no color and picture insert coin.

Let us discuss each type.
Hard enamel

Centuries ago, a fine glass enameling tradition started in China. This process of using hard enamel continued with coin manufacturing today. A die struck brass is the base of this type of coin. The brass can be plated with gold, nickel or silver.

Challenge Coins

It will be heated at a very high temperature. The sanded hard enamel will then be polished. The metal lines will later on appear which shows separation of colors. The metal lines will also give the coin a smooth and lustrous finish.

Soft enamel

With a brass die struck base, this style uses soft paint for the coin. Nickel, black nickel, gold, silver and also other plating can be used. Clear epoxy dome is also added to the coin for a long lasting durability and shiny look. This is also the less expensive type.

Die struck with no color

For a classic dimensional look without color, this basic die struck is used for making coins. The base can be made of brass or steel. It is then stamped with the design of the coin. Afterwards, the base will be plated with gold, silver, nickel or black nickel. Depending on your choice, the coin can be antiqued, sand blasted or simply polished.

Picture insert coin

Offset printing is used to show the design of the coin. Laser printing is then used for the design to the coin’s metal. A thin epoxy top coat is added to make the coin durable and long lasting. This type of coin manufacturing is used for designs that are detailed such as printing a face of someone or a scenery.

After learning the different types of challenge coins and how it is made, it is also relevant to know why these coins are for.

Of course, this type of coin is used for challenges as its name implies. Aside from that, this coin is also used as awards for those who have given an outstanding performance in their service of duty. This was commonly used in the military forces to reward officials and non-officials in their great service.

This tradition of coins as rewards has been used by modern US military. It was believed to start with the Special Forces units at the time of Vietnam War. This tradition continued to spread in the early 1980s.

During that time when officers were promoted or reassigned in another area, the tradition of giving coins to recognize outstanding performance continues. A well-known United States Air Force challenge coin was the “Bull Dog”. The “Bull Dog” coin is exclusive to B52 tail gunners.

In1991, this position had been phased out and so the challenge coins become rare. This coin represents strength and courage. It was given to gunners upon graduation in their training in the Gunners Association Air Force.

The challenge coin “Bull Dog” was also given to commemorative gunners. Usually the recipients are the commanders and leaders who showed strength and courage. Some collectors would buy challenge coins in exchange for some monetary value.

Coins are normally given due to accomplishments. It is given with a handshake passing the coin from the right hand of the giver to the right hand of the awardee. The giver also mentions through a short explanation the reason why the challenge coin is awarded.

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A lot of materials can be used for making bracelets – including rubber. This type of material is so popular among due to its unique characteristics. Today, this article shows the different benefits of using custom bracelets made of rubber:

•    They are durable :

Bracelets made from rubber are generally tougher than others. People don’t have to worry about tearing them easily. If well-taken care of, these rubber bracelets can still be used for decades or more.

•    They are flexible :

One good thing about custom rubber bracelets is their ability to be twisted or stretched and get back to their usual forms. However, never expose them to fire as it can melt them easily.

•    They are water-resistant :

Rubber bracelets resist water unlike leather or fabric ones. All people can wear them while taking a shower or swimming at the pool. These bracelets can be easily dried by wiping them off with some tissue.

•    They are generally safe to use :

Custom Rubber BraceletsCustom bracelets made from other materials can make the skin itchy and rubber-made custom bracelets do not belong to that group. In case there are minor skin irritations from wearing customized rubber bracelets, remove the bracelets and clean them to wipe away bacteria or dirt. Don’t forget to apply over-the-counter creams on the affected area.

Once cleaned, these custom rubber bracelets can be worn again all throughout the day. Children below 5 yrs of age can already wear these bracelets as they won’t stain the skin and generally don’t have unpleasant smell unlike other custom bracelets.

•    They can be cleaned easily :

People won’t have a hard time cleaning them after use. Forget all those special detergent and solutions. Instead, use running water in washing them. After that, dry them by using a damp cloth.

•    They are easily customizable :

Rubber bracelets can be customized in a lot of ways to suit one’s needs. Manufacturers welcome the idea of engraving important details or information on the surface of the bracelets. Apart from the design, customers can also choose the kind of thickness, color and size they want.

•    They express individuality :

People could successfully express themselves through these custom wristbands. They can choose the color and design that matches their personality and uniqueness. Overall, there are no limitations when it comes to creativity. People can also attach decorations to these bracelets depending on their fashion statement. It’s not easy to match them with the right outfit and accessories as they are perfect for all styles.

•    They can be used in different activities and events :

Whatever the objective is, custom rubber bracelets make sure that the activities become more fun. Their fashionable designs and trendy colors can attract more people to wear them. This is ideal for attending various events as people love to go to concerts, club parties, fundraising activities, and sporting events. Also, wearing customized rubber wristbands effectively promotes certain messages and it’s a good way to gain support from people as far as various social issues are concerned.

•    They can make life much easier :

They are also used for identification purposes. Like lanyards, these wristbands bring convenience to the people who wear them. By simply looking at those who wear event-themed bracelets, organizers can easily identify gatecrashes from all the people inside the venue. Plus, these wristbands provide systematic flow of activity as they avoid the issue of torn or lost tickets.

Apart from easily identifying people based on groups, these custom wristbands make head-counting quicker and easier. In the world of sports, athletes, coaches and sports organizers wear them to represent a certain team.

•    They can serve as age identifiers :

There are restricted areas for kids and by wearing customized rubber bracelets, event organizers and managers can easily identify kids from the rest so that they can be instructed not to get closer to those places. People who are actively involved in events believed that providing event-themed bracelets is the best way to control people.

•    They can be used for marketing strategies :

Wristbands with embossed designs can serve as an effective marketing strategy when it comes to business branding. By embossing all the important details for a specific event, businesses can easily advertise their wide range of products and services to people.

•    They are good promotional items :

In pursuit of promoting a certain brand, product or service, business owners give away custom wristbands, pens, lanyards, and shirts. All these are handy and useful to people. Giving away such items is ideal for start-up companies who want to increase their market visibility. Indeed, they are perfect for attracting potential clients.

•    Buying custom rubber bracelets is convenient :

Looking for custom wristbands is now easy, thanks to the power of the Internet. With just a few clicks away, people can choose from a wide variety of designs or request for a custom one anytime and anywhere. Not to mention, online stores ensure that the orders arrive on time with free shipping based on the number of purchase.

All these benefits are nothing if a person isn’t comfortable with the rubber wristband he’s wearing. On top of it all, what matters is the comfort and safety above the details and the dazzle of these accessories.

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These wristbands provide systematic flow of activity as they avoid the issue of torn or lost tickets.

One may think that all Long Island, New York is a summer retreat for the ultra-wealthy. While that may be true, Long Island is also home to a number of regular people. The island is also known for its high quality of life. The North Fork potato fields is being developed into a wine region. Moreover, the South Fork is renowned for its beach towns, including Montauk Point and the Hamptons. As it is a place for luxury and relaxation, it is not surprising that most li realestatefinder property listings are priced in the millions.

Below are some properties on the market and are currently being sold by Luxury Long Island Homes.

A magnificent Mediterranean-style house in Mill Neck, New York has a list price of $15,500,000. Originally built in 1931, the estate boasts of door-sized windows, a guest house, 10 sprawling acres of land, and a 60-feet swimming pool, among other amenities. The house has seven bedrooms, nine full baths, and three half baths. The garage can hold up to five vehicles.

real estateAnother magnificent sprawling Long Island real estate property is located in Great Neck, New York. The ranch-style abode has a list price of $14,500,000 and is nestled on 2.5 acres of waterfront property. The estate has a tennis court and a swimming pool. Moreover, one can wonder as he or she has great sweeping views of Queens, West chester, and Manhattan. One can also bask in the glow of amazing sunsets. The house has five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and one half bathroom.

Sag Harbor, New York also hosts one property with a list price of $12,500,000. The single-family waterfront dwelling – with a floor area of 5,139 square feet – boasts of six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. Other breath taking amenities of this lovely lakefront property are a private dock and a Gunite pool.

A fieldstone mansion in Lloyd Harbor, New York has a list price of $12,400,000. This luxurious Long Island real estate property is a sprawling manor (4 acres) with amazing views of Cold Spring Harbor. The house boasts of a five-car garage, seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, an attic, and a finished basement.

Another great place to settle in is a simple, yet understated $10,000,000 affair in Great Neck, New York. Built in 1956, the contemporary styled mansion has six bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and one half bathroom. The garage can accommodate up to two cars and the house sits on a land area of 45,433 square feet.

The properties listed above are meant for affluent clients. However, that is what Long Island stands for – affluence. Living in Long Island – whether during the summer months or for the long term – is one way to indulge in luxury living.

Badge lanyards, as demonstrated by the name itself, have one express purpose: to securely hold an ID badge just like a necklace should. These lanyards are more than just cords that have badges suspended on them; they are also representative of the wearer’s current designation.

There Are Different Materials Of Badge Lanyards:

Due to their mass production, huge customization options, and quick output, badge lanyards can be made of many, many materials. There are cheap commonly-sourced materials, and there are rare premium novelty materials.

Polyester is a common material for these lanyards, as they are in use for most pieces of clothing as well as furniture. Due to the fabric’s versatility, the desired colors and designs can either be imprinted or woven. And no matter how a polyester lanyard is swung around, it will never wrinkle, making the designs retain their prominence.

Badge LanyardsNylon is another common material. For those who want more value for money, nylon lanyards are their best bet since the material is less expensive than polyester but is still as durable. For one thing, it can withstand heat. This fact translates well to the designs that are imprinted. For people who sweat a lot during work, nylon lanyards do not retain the sweaty odors from their necks as compared to polyester lanyards.

Silk may not be as quite as expensive like it was in ancient times, but it has found its way towards the ordinary badge lanyards at affordable prices. Silk is noted for its elegant look and feel, and the printed designs on silk lanyards are still legible and will blend well with the natural sophistication of the fabric. Silk lanyards are both resistant to heat and moisture, which will prove useful for workers who transfer from place to place as part of field work. It is also as durable as nylon.

Satin is related to silk, as the two materials come from the same source: silkworms. However, there are also satin fabrics made of cotton and other synthetic fibers. But regardless of the source material of satin, satin lanyards are as elegant as silk lanyards.

Bamboo fiber is a sustainable resource, as bamboo is a type of grass and can be grown just about anywhere. It is also biodegradable for the same reason. Therefore, environmental advocates wear bamboo lanyards.

Plastic fibers recycled from PET bottles are also an ecologically viable option for lanyards. The materials can be acquired for free by the lanyard manufacturer, and it can even turn a profit from ecologically-conscious customers.

Cotton is a traditional fabric for clothes, so do not be surprised if there are lanyards made with it due to the natural softness and fluffiness it offers. For those who are really mindful of luxurious and exotic things, lanyards made of Egyptian and Turkish cotton can be found. For the environmentally inclined, organic cotton lanyards are available for their perusal.

Parachute cord, or paracord, is made according to military specifications. Therefore, it is the most durable material that can be used for badge lanyards. However, paracord lanyards can only be made in limited quantities, and there are no designs that can be printed on them due to the nature of the material. Several workarounds such as rubber strap logos can be implemented on paracord lanyards to make up for this deficiency.

Wool is a popular material for knitting; and for those who want a more homely approach to lanyards, wool lanyards are for them. As there are many knitting techniques, unlimited designs can be made with wool lanyards.

Rubber is a good substitute for those who are really budget-conscious. As with rubber or silicone wristbands, rubber lanyards can have unlimited customization options such as multiple clips and clasps. Furthermore, rubber lanyards are easier to clean compared to fabric-based lanyards.

Badge lanyards are one of the most useful inventions today, but people tend to forget how incredibly useful they are and how easy they make daily life. Visit the-lanyard-factory for more details.

Live chat is a customer service system that involves online chat. Instead of contacting customers through phones and emails, the company can provide help to their clients directly from their website. On their site, there is usually a small chat box where customers can inform operators about their problems and complaints. It is quick, simple, and easy. However, like with most things in the world, it is not perfect.

The Pros

Live ChatOne of the best things about live chat is that it is time efficient, both for the operator and the customer. From the operator’s point of view, this type of customer service is time efficient because they can chat with several different customers at once. This is much more efficient compared to conducting customer support through phone calls, which can only be done one customer at a time. From the customer’s point of view, it is time efficient because they receive instant feedback. The operators answer their inquiries immediately, which will give the customer more time to do other things. When assistance is done through phone calls, there is a possibility that the customer will be kept on hold. Live chat support avoids this, which decreases the frustration of the customer.

The operators greatly benefit from live chat because they are less susceptible to being yelled at. Of course, customers may still appear to be angry or frustrated, but not being able to talk directly to them can provide some comfort to the operator. Because they cannot hear the customer’s voice, it will lessen the blow somewhat. People sometimes forget that customer service providers are people too, and they must be treated as such.

Another thing about live chat that attracts most customers is the fact that it is free. Conducting customer service through phones may cost the customers a bit, especially if they are talking to someone from a foreign country. Access to websites is pretty much free for all, which means access to customer service is free as well.

The Cons

live chat supportOne of the cons of using live chat involves people who have absolutely nothing better to do. These people sometimes go to websites and send a message through online chat support just for fun. This is a big disadvantage for operators and customers alike. Operators waste time dealing with these people, and customers sometimes do not get the service that they need because operators are still taking time to solve the problem of those who joke around on live chat.

Another disadvantage of using this kind of customer service is that complex solutions to problems cannot be properly conveyed through this method. Sometimes the solution is too complicated to be relayed simply through chat.

Perhaps not a lot of people will find this as a disadvantage, but it must be mentioned just the same. Live chat may seem impersonal to some because the customers do not hear the operator’s voice. Also, the messages sent by operators are usually as short and straightforward as possible, which may come across as cold. However, this is something small, and not a lot of people mind that the operators are seemingly detached, as long as they receive the service that they asked for.

There is also the problem of usability. There are some people, mostly from the earlier generations, who are not familiar with new technology. Those who are not interested in learning new technology may have a problem adapting to live chat support. This is a big problem especially if the company’s target audience is those people from the earlier generations. Live chat support is not for everyone, and companies need to shape their support system to fit their intended market.